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Video Presentations

Christchurch Session 1

Keynote Address: Susan Krumdieck - Change or Become Irrelevant

                          Part 1     Part 2      Conference Mission Statement

Shane Orchard and Margaret Jefferies: The changing landscape of community Participation
Jody Beck: Next Generation Agriculture Markets
Rhys Taylor: Sustainable Living's champions of change
John Warren: Energy and carbon mapping in Canada and its applicability in NZ

Keynote Address: Kennedy Graham - Sustainability Indicators Part 1   Part 2

Wellington Session 2

Stephen Drew: Interruptible Load - the direction for smart grids of the future
Leanne Pelabon and Elizabeth Woodford: Mana Recovery - sustainability and mental well-being through community partnerships
Karen and Bob Schumacher: Kiwi - the catalyst for change
Rob Bishop: Verified energy efficiency improvements at the Reserve Bank of NZ

Auckland Session 3

Robin Allison: Towards interdependence - rebuilding connections with people and place at Earthsong eco-neighbourhood
James Samuel: Transition Towns Aotearoa - Relocalisation Part 1 Part 2
Rachel Brown: Sustainable Business Network - What a Sustainable business sector looks like and how it will function
Warren Snow: Solving Auckland's Waste Crisis - an economic development approach Part 1   Part 2 

Christchurch Session 4

Hugh Thorpe: Waterway Habitat Restoration
Peter Mann: Sustainability at Yealands Winery
Robert Chambers and Graeme Mould: Log Homes
Steve Earnshaw: Farmer's Market in Timaru

Christchurch Session 5

Matt Morris: Eco My Flat - sustainable behaviour change in student flats
Karen Upton: Composting Sanitary Waste
Andrew Hurley: MainPower, Renewable energy development
Arthur Williamson: Thermocell- Solar water heating, at last
Dave Irwin: Weaving the threads of education for sustainability and outdoor education at CPIT

Keynote Address: Steve Wratten - Biodiversity on Farmland, what is it good for?  Part 1    Part 2      Question & Answer

Dunedin Session 6

Lani Evans and Jill Hayhurst: Young Changemakers and Regeneration Network
Catherine Irvine: Otago Farmers' Market - waste minimisation initiative
Dugald McTavish: Confronting the Growth Paradigm
Tim Bishop: The Challenge of SHaC                                                                                       Martin Lehmkoester: Understanding Climate Change

Wellington Session 7

Karl Check: KiwiRail getting our rail back on track
Danusia Wypych: Resene Paints - green chemical engineering
Paul Kennett: Living happily on a carbon budget of 1 tonne CO2-e per year
Jason Penny: How the re-emergence of the bicycle is changing how we transport ourselves and goods
Amanda Yates: Performative Gardening, urban ecologies, sustainable food production
Jan Logie and Nick Preval: City Strategies for Renewable Energy

Christchurch Session 8

Kyan Krumdieck and Aaron Packard: 350 Aotearoa Political engagement experience
Steven Muir: Cycle Trailers
Dr. Elizabeth Harris: Preventative Health Care
Chris Freear: The Rail to Trail Tale

Keynote Address: Roger Sutton - Orion Energy, Demand Management, Part 1 Part 2

Palmerston North Session 9

Harvey Jones: LOAVES - Development of a local currency


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