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Feedback on the Conference

Watch Interviews with Attendees

Andrew Hurley , John Peet, and Sharon McIver

MP Kennedy Graham

Dr. Elizabeth Harris and a Student Attendee, Joe Goode

Rhys Taylor

Emails and Messages sent to the organisers

Hi Susan,

Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the Signs of Change conference.  The format was different and it was great to see a cross section of experiences.
Danusia, Wellington

Good evening Susan,
Thanks for that most interesting teleconference! We have been talking for days about it, and have contacted the Ashhurst people about the alternative currency, because we are shortly before launching ours.  A lot of people are very interested in getting the recordings of some of the talks (e.g. Dr. Elizabeth and her ideas.  We had 14 participants in Kerikeri.                     

Rolf & Inge
ORA ORA Eco Wellness Resort

I was at most of the SoC conference earlier this week and enjoyed it. Thank you for organising and leading the event.    John Adams, Christchurch

Thank you for inviting me along to the conference this week. Well done on bringing it all together. Tony Burton, Twizel

I really enjoyed the conference and have found many of the presentations very useful. The load levelling for the electrical system is particularly relevant to the work I am doing in Ontario.     John Warren, Napier

Congratulations to you all for pulling this huge undertaking off!
It was fabulous from our perspective in Inver cargill to be able to participate, enjoy the expertise of everyone, be part of a bigger vision and have our own regional conversations-even being able to say 'yes we are doing that or something similar here' - affirming and helping us continue to hold the hope!
The inspiration of the young people involved was so uplifting and for me the mental health stories- YES!
I have been singing your praises all day today and this method is going to be used for several other meetings I am involved in very soon! You have paved the way for me to be bold and get others to move forward on this!
We had 22 people who came and went over the two days with children being picked up from school, part time teachers popping in and out, part time workers coming for mornings./ afternoons...we were very accomodating and that worked for people- who all appreciated that fact- and just the chance to be able to come.If it had been in Dn only 2 of us would have been able to come!- at great effort and expense.
Roll on the next one!
Anyone else I could send a letter of appreciation to- to support your initiative I wonder?
I feel very encouraged and hopeful that the grass roots movement has momentum to move us forward in the face of huge challenges- making a difference,
Nou to rourou, naku to rourou, ka ora te iwi, from your food basket and my food basket there is sufficient for everyone.
You are taonga- wise people.
You have blessed my life mightily.
Sincere appreciation,
rangimarie,    Jenny Campbell, Invercargill

Phew! That all worked out well in the end! Many thanks to you and your team for the great effort behind the scenes.       Neil Mander, Auckland

Thank you so much for the awesome conference and your sponsorship which allowed me to attend.
After 4 years of engineering, this was an invaluable experience to understand what goes on outside my field.
It was fascinating to be surrounded by like minded people from a diverse range of disciplines.              Jonas, Canterbury Uni

Hi Pip
We enjoyed the conference and listening to all the presenters. We had to leave mid afternoon on the last day so missed the overview at the end.
I have attached the actual presentation I gave for reference, as I am not sure what you are doing going forward with all the info gathered.
kind regards
Karen Schumacher
East Taranaki Environment Trust

I was very fortunate to have been one of the students sponsored to the Signs of Change conference and just wanted to send my thanks to Susan.
I was very impressed with the variety of speakers and have come away feeling completely invigorated by what I have heard and seen.
I truely do appreciate having had the opportunity to attend and to be exposed to some amazing people who are doing some really neat things for sustainability around the country.
Alana :)


Firstly I want to congratulate you on the conference, well done! It is innovative and interesting and there is another day to look forward to as well. Best wishes, and thank-you again for all your hard work.       Rosalina Richards, Dunedin








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