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Abstracts of Presentations

Download abstracts of presentations by clicking the name or watch the presentation from the video presentation page.

Christchurch Session 1

Keynote Address:  Susan Krumdieck - Change or Become Irrelevant

Shane Orchard and Margaret Jefferies: The changing landscape of community Participation
Jody Beck: Next Generation Agriculture Markets
Rhys Taylor: Sustainable Living's champions of change
John Warren: Energy and carbon mapping in Canada and its applicability in NZ

Keynote Address: Kennedy Graham - Sustainability Indicators

Wellington Session 2 

Stephen Drew: Interruptible Load - the direction for smart grids of the future
Leanne Pelabon and Elizabeth Woodford: Mana Recovery - sustainability and mental well-being through community partnerships
Karen and Bob Schumacher: Kiwi - the catalyst for change
Rob Bishop: Verified energy efficiency improvements at the Reserve Bank of NZ

Auckland Session 3

Robin Allison: Towards interdependence - rebuilding connections with people and place at Earthsong eco-neighbourhood
James Samuel: Transition Towns Aotearoa - Relocalisation
Rachel Brown: Sustainable Business Network - What a Sustainable business sector looks like and how it will function
Warren Snow: Solving Auckland's Waste Crisis - an economic development approach

Christchurch Session 4

Hugh Thorpe: Waterway Habitat Restoration
Peter Mann: Sustainability at Yealands Winery
Robert Chambers and Graeme Mould: Log Homes
Steve Earnshaw: Farmer's Market in Timaru

Christchurch Session 5

Matt Morris: Eco My Flat - sustainable behaviour change in student flats
Karen Upton: Composting Sanitary Waste
Andrew Hurley:  MainPower, Renewable energy development
Arthur Williamson: Thermocell- Solar water heating, at last
Dave Irwin: Weaving the threads of education for sustainability and outdoor education at CPIT

Keynote Address: Steve Wratten - Biodiversity on Farmland, what is it good for?

Dunedin Session 6

Catherine Irvine: Otago Farmers' Market - waste minimisation initiative
Dugald McTavish: Confronting the Growth Paradigm
Tim Bishop: The Challenge of SHaC 

Martin Lehmkoester: Understanding Climate Change - the case of the Waitati Transition Town

Wellington Session 7

Karl Check: KiwiRail getting our rail back on track
Danusia Wypych: Resene Paints - green chemical engineering
Paul Kennett: Living happily on a carbon budget of 1 tonne CO2-e per year
Jason Penny: How the re-emergence of the bicycle is changing how we transport ourselves and goods
Amanda Yates: Performative Gardening, urban ecologies, sustainable food production
Jan Logie and Nick Preval: City Strategies for Renewable Energy

Christchurch Session 8

Kyan Krumdieck and Aaron Packard: 350 Aotearoa Political engagement experience
Steven Muir: Cycle Trailers

Dr. Elizabeth Harris: Preventative Health Care
Chris Freear: The Rail to Trail Tale

Keynote Address: Roger Sutton - Orion Energy, Demand Management 

Palmerston North Session 9

Harvey Jones: LOAVES - Development of a local currency 

More Signs of Change

We received more signs of change than could be accommodated on the day, and some of the speakers were not able to attend.

Anton Oliver: The economics of language to de-value nature
Allen Hill: Outdoor Education at Otago Polytechnic
Sherry Elton: Natural Food
Eric Janssuene: RepowerNZ
Steve Granger: Sustainable Paper
James Mackenchnie: Concrete Siding for homes
Ecobright: Nelson Library
Jolyon Manning: Jolendale Park


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