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Statement of Change


The following is a statement acknowledging the source of the emerging sustainable path, and the core ideas that guide our way forward.

The path of Business as Usual does not go where we want to go.

We believe in a sustainable future.

In 100 years, the currently accepted "business as usual"  will be irrelevant.  When our great-grandchildren look back at this time, they will see the beginning of the new social business. The path of emerging sustainability looks like heresy today. These are the Signs of Change that tell us the truth about the divergent and  emerging path of sustainability. 

This is what our great-grandchildren are telling us, and what we heretics are beginning to understand.

We have enough
We can share what we have
If we used less, it would be fine
We can move ourselves
The economy does not need to grow in order for us to thrive
Business can be ethical and fair
Business can express and nurture cultural values
Health is the care of humans
Public space in our cities belongs to humans
Open space belongs to wild things
We can meet at the market face to face
We can have humane relationships with the animals we depend on
We can work with Earth's systems
We can build our homes and buildings to last for 600 years
We look upstream to manage our waste
We derive wealth from our waste
We protect what nature creates, and we restore what we have damaged
We listen to what Earth's complex systems tell us
Our leaders listen to us and derive power from the mana of ethical behaviour and decisions
The powerful protect the weak
We are learning that this place is our home
We are weaving all the threads together
The most important people in our village are those who will be us some day
and we are listening to them.

My own journey on this new path starts in the past and the grief I have felt for what has been lost. Along the way I have to deal with fear about the state of the world and the insecurity of the future. I continuously have to deal with the urge to turn back or to turn away. I always have to be aware of the distractions of simple techno-fixes to complex systems problems. But I am a thinking person, and I can choose a new way.

I am shocked by too much of the history of my people - the way people, land and other creatures have been treated.
Unbelievably, it once seemed like a grand idea to mill every Kauri, kill every whale, and enslave other people as servants.

My normal day is carried out in denial of the impossibility of the Business as Usual that is my lifestyle.
I want to be a good person, so I bargain for the future with solar panels, wind turbines and compact fluorescent light bulbs.
I feel guilty that I have participated in a system that does so much harm.
I feel anger at the people who profit the most from the way things are, and the leaders who are beholden to them.

I have struggled with the depressing prospects of failure, for how can so many things possibly change in time?
But I also accept that I can't change the past, and I can't save the world with 10 consumer choices.

I have discovered hope where the world least expects it - in myself. I have seen the light of hope in others here.

We have the ability to move on to a new path because we have an inner compass. I know what is right, and I exercise the freedom to choose a divergent path.

I claim the honour of being a heretic.


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