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Change Reports

10 minute presentations of exciting developments in New Zealand toward sustainability in all areas. Speakers are added as abstracts are received and accepted, so keep watching.

Graeme Mould of Natural Log Homes will inspire the wood lover in all of us with a description of how they hand-craft log homes from mature plantation trees. This type of home uses much less man-made materials, has the natural beauty inside and out of peeled logs, withstands earthquakes, and is warm and snug. Indeed, this type of housing has a design life in the hundreds of years rather than the decades of current housing stock. 

Jason Penny, the founder of Mamachari Imports in Wellington, will explain his re-loved commuter bike import business and his vision for making Wellington the "Copenhagen of the South Pacific".

Dr. Shannon Page, EAST Research Consultants, will give a report on cities and organisations that are developing Peak Oil management and long term planning strategies.

Professor Arthur Williamson, University of Canterbury and founder of Thermocell, will describe the progress of the New Zealand solar water heating industry, and why you should not be fooled by Chinese imports.

John Warren, a senior associate of the Canadian Urban Institute working in Hawke’s Bay, will present a case study of carbon mapping and how it can be used to help municipalities engage with the process of sustainable energy and greenhouse gas emissions planning. 

Dr. Hugh Thorpe, of the University of Canterbury will describe the Christchurch City Council project that restored life to a section of the Heathcote River. The river has been transformed from drainage to habitat through the city's new asset management plan that incorporates social objectives and natural values.

Danusia Wypych will present experience from Resene Paints Ltd on the small steps the company takes every day to promote and implement changes that improve environmental impacts at manufacture, use and consumer disposal.

Rhys Taylor, a Natural Step practitioner, gives experiences with community sustainability visioning projects.

Dr. Jody Beck of Lincoln University will tell us about Community Supported Agriculture. By shortening the distance between production and consumption, these models of food delivery provide high quality food at lower costs and with far less environmental damage. We will discuss Koanga Gardens seed company which produces organically grown heritage seeds specifically for the New Zealand climate, community gardens in Christchurch, and a CSA in Wellington, Simply Good Food.

Dr. Elizabeth Harris, a General Practitioner in Kurow, will talk about moves to make preventive medicine a reality in New Zealand.

Shane Orchard and Margaret Jefferies, Transition Facilitators, Christchurch, will present on recent developments in community collaboration and their potential to revitalise societal progress and wellbeing.

Karl Check is the Corporate Responsibility Manager at KiwiRail.  He will talk about the changing face of rail and the key role it will play in delivering a sustainable transport system for New Zealand.  Rail is re-emerging as a part of the supply chain for some of our country’s biggest exporters as well as a convenient way for commuters to travel in Auckland and Wellington. Karl will provide an insight into a potentially exciting future for rail in New Zealand.   



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