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Keynote Speakers

We have selected speakers to provide big picture views of the change from business-as-usual over a range of areas. Each speaker will address the challenge of acceptance of the change in the BAU thinking and practice.

Waste to Wealth

Warren Snow, the founder of envision, will explain the successful municipal waste management and recycling programme in Auckland and discuss the community centred approach to waste management. Warren will share his own experience of how doing the right thing with waste actually turns into fertile ground for growth in local employment and betterment. Warren will challenge a change from BAU in adopting local waste management and container return deposits.



Prof Steve Wratten of the Bio-Protection Research Centre at Lincoln University will discuss ways of "softening" agricultural monocultures by adding functional agricultural biodiversity (FAB). If this is done based on sound ecological knowledge, then enhanced ecosystem services (ES), also called nature's services, can be the result, reducing variable and external costs and enhancing marketing opportunities. The challenge is how to adopt these fruitful practices as best practice in the farming industry.

The Future of Energy





Roger Sutton is the CEO of Orion Energy. Over the past 15 years Orion has embarked on a range of demand side projects that have seen the peak demand on the network hardly grow, while other networks have seen peak growth of 2-3% per annum.  Roger's paper will outline how this has been achieved and where he sees the future for smarter load control and how it will contribute to a more sustainable energy future.







Dr. Kennedy Graham, Green MP, has introduced a member's bill into Parliament to set up Sustainability Indicators for the health of the nation and the environment which would be used alongside the GDP to track the national progress and prosperity. The challenge of course is mainstreaming the cultural vision of progress to include wellbeing.


Business and Economy







Rachel Brown is the CEO of the Sustainable Business Network. She will tell the story of sustainability as good business, and give examples of ethically sound, environmentally responsible businesses.




Associate Professor Susan Krumdieck is a researcher in Transition Engineering. She will provide her unique observations of the stories, mythologies and characters that signal a change of mind in the collective direction, despite advertising, popular media and political hubris.





Society and Local Community


James Samuel, Transition Towns Aotearoa, will give a status report on the fastest growing sector in New Zealand, community connection.



685_RobinRobin Allison is the founder and development coordinator of Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood in West Auckland. Robin will describe the journey of the Earthsong project and explain the challenges and rewards of creating sustainable habitats.


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