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Emerging Programme

The conference programme will be different to other conferences.  Conference convenor, Associate Professor Susan Krumdieck, explains why:

"We don't have any international overseas experts as speakers!  (What were we thinking?)  Actually, we were thinking that if we want to understand our path to the future we want, we need to realise it through our own progress.  There are some people setting out in the direction of sustainable resource use and ecological impact here in New Zealand and our conference focuses on bringing their stories to the rest of the country."

The programme is organised organically rather than academically.  What does this mean?  We've mixed it up - a presentation by a holistic farmer might follow a  socially responsible business, which might be followed by a stream restoration project by a scout troup.  We have some thought-provoking keynote speakers, but they will be at the end of sessions, prior to the lunch and tea breaks to help generate discussion. 

We also plan to have outputs from this conference. 

  • A book about signs of change by Susan Krumdieck
  • A communique which embodies the thought of the participants
  • A documentary about the Signs of Change
  • A YouTube channel where all of the presentations can be watched
  • A journal article published to document this grand experiment

Post Conference Update....

What a massive to-do list!  All of them have been accomplished except for the book.  Anyone who wants to dialogue with me about the book please feel free to contact me - I'm on SKYPE at skrumdieck.


Updated programme

At the conference you will have the opportunity to hear keynote speakers talk about their work toward sustainability in sectors such as: energy, transportation, environment, society, business, governance/law, agriculture, and economy. 

Our finalised schedule of speakers and activities is now available. Download the updated programme (posted 11 November) here.


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